Shredded Beetroot and Carrot Salad

David and I disagree about this salad.  Both of us love the crunch and the sweetness of the vegetables and both of us think the colour is fantastic.  We do not, however, agree on the dressing.  He prefers a zingy gingery flavour; I like a kick of mustard.

See what you think.

Shredded Beetroot and Carrot Salad

(serves 4 as a side)

3 medium beetroot, peeled

2 medium carrots, peeled

  • Simply use a mandoline to shred the vegetables finely.  (Unless you have incredible knife skills, a mandoline is what is required here.  Grating makes the whole dish a bit wet.)
  • Toss with one of the following  dressings (you may not want to use all the dressing) and sprinkle with the matching herb.

Dressing 1 – Mix together the juice of one lime, a teaspoon of grated ginger and 25ml groundnut oil.  Top salad with coriander.

Dressing 2 – Mix together 1/2 tspn Dijon mustard, 1 tblspn white wine vinegar and 4 tblspn olive oil.  Top with parsley.

13 thoughts on “Shredded Beetroot and Carrot Salad

  1. I know I love that kind of salad with ginger so I’d side with David on that one but then again I’ve never tried it with mustard so might have to give it a whirl

  2. Looks really appetising. Love the colours – I think we would go mustard too. Hmmm now I’m thinkg carrot and beetroot cakes!

  3. Well I wouldn’t be able to choose between the two dressing choices either. Mustard goes so well with beetroot. But then ginger is so fabulous. Dilemma, dilemma. Lovely, lovely ideas Wendy.

  4. I’ve made this salad yesterday, split it in two and mixed the two halves with the two dressings, It’s really hard to choose between them, because they are so different. The first one is like a fusion kitchen fashionista, with its fancy oil, and fresh ginger and coriander leaves. The other is a homely, no-frills, down-to-earth thing, like a girl next door. After long deliberation I think I might like the ginger one a little more, because of the freshness (but I’m pretty sure it depends on the mood – there could definitely be days when I would have wanted the mustard one). M. voted for ginger, hands down, because he doesn’t care for beetroots, and the more things there are, that can mask their taste, the better 😉

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